Foster Information
All of our shelties reside in foster homes.  We do no have a shelter or kennel facility.  The number of shelties we can help depends on the number of foster homes we have available.  We are always needing foster families so we can help as many shelties as we can.

To be a foster family you must have a fenced yard and no children living in the home under 5 years old.  The only other requirement is that you have a big heart and plenty of love to give.  You can determine how often you want to foster and what type of sheltie you are willing to foster.  We have some foster homes that enjoy the senior shelties, others that like to rehab puppy mill shelties, and others that will accept any sheltie that needs a temporary place to go until a forever home is found.  Expenses related to veterinary care, medications, etc. are paid by Sheltie Zen.

Many times people have said they can't foster because they might get too attached.  You do get attached, but the reward that comes with seeing them go to a forever home, and knowing you made a difference in that sheltie's life, far outweighs the loss.  Plus, there is always a sheltie waiting in the wings to get into rescue that might have only 1 day left before being euthanized in a shelter or one that has been abandoned or left on a chain to starve when their family moved away.  Even if you can only foster one sheltie per year, that is one life saved.

Please email us to obtain a foster application.